Piccolino Film Concert

piccolinocerca1lowresCanti Vaganti presents the film concert Piccolino: a film, accompanied by live music and sensorial stimulations for children from six months till six years old.

Piccolino Film Concert is an experiment to investigate how a film experience can be richer and more theatrical. Canti Vaganti investigates how to enrich the collective experience of cinema.

Film directors and animators  Giovanni Maccelli (1977, Prato, Italia, winner of a Goya for the best animation short film in 2015) and Carlota Coronado (1978, Madrid), both founders of the film production company Zampanò, observed that little children often are exposed to youtube videos of doubtful quality, without poetry or elegance. To offer an alternative they created Piccolino: handmade animations, using video, stop-motion and pixilation. They chose ten traditional songs from Italy, Spain and England and created  videoclips. For the animations they used all kinds of techniques: cardboard, play dough, wooden puppets, drawings, in a handcrafted process in which the computer enters only in the last phase.

Canti Vaganti put original arrangements, voices and instruments to the ten songs. The film music has been produced by Mauri Corretjé (Riera Sound) but during the Film Concert all music is played live: two voices, guitar, accordion, piano, flute, percussion and sensory stimulus.

The little eyes watch the screen, while all kind of sounds, smells and touch arrive through the other senses. Kids enjoy a visual adventure, while notes of a flute, a leaf from the forest and subtle wind caress their chubby cheeks.

Piccolino is a Canti Vaganti production, in collaboration with  Zampanò Producciones. Both organizations reside in Lavapiés, Madrid.

Voices and performance | Kateleine van der Maas & Bruno Gullo/Rocío Herrera
Guitar and percussion | Bruno Gullo/Rocío Herrera
Accordion | Bruno Gullo/Kateleine van der Maas
Flute and piano | Kateleine van der Maas
Sensory stimulus | Kateleine van der Maas
Costumes | Canti Vaganti
Animations | Giovanni Maccelli & Carlota Coronado
Production | Catharina van der Maas
Duration | 50 minutes

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International Music & Theatre, Founded by Kateleine van der Maas & Bruno Gullo