Concert in blueberry major

concert bosbes mirada Concert in blueberry major is a performance full of live world music. Apart from their instruments (accordion, piano, flute, guitar) the musicians play with all kinds of fruits and create a pleasant unusual atmosphere.

Canti Vaganti invites the public to feel, smell and taste the music, which gets quite literal at the end of the show.

In Concert in blueberry major, the duo presents it usual repertoire: tarantella, flamenco, Purcell, French chanson, klezmer, etc.

Creation, direction and acting | Bruno Gullo and Kateleine van der Maas
Photography | Kilómetro 6
Languages | English (or local language in case it is French, Italian, Dutch or Spanish)
Duration | 60 minutes (flexible. It can be more or less.)
Premiere | 14 April 2012, Rome (Italy)

Concert in bosbes majeur algemeen

Video of the Dutch premiere n the Museum of Dordrecht, 28 October 2012:

The concert in de open air at Festival Dioniss (Belgium), 2 August 2014

Video of the informal premiere in Rome:

After the Dutch premiere in Dordrecht Canti Vaganti improvises with a apple and a banana:


International Music & Theatre, Founded by Kateleine van der Maas & Bruno Gullo