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canti vaganti mirada klein Canti Vaganti creates performances in which live world music, intimate theatre and cabaret come together. The company was founded by the Kateleine van der Maas from the Netherlands and Italian Bruno Gullo, both living in Madrid, Spain.

The roots of the group are in a little village in the south of Holland and in the eternal city of Rome. What a combination. They found each other in Madrid. She had been walking the path of cabaret, experience theatre and intimate theatre. He came from the world music and stand-up comedy, after passing by jazz. Her with her flute, piano en sensible songs; him with his accordion, guitar and tarantella. Both with a glorious voice. A cross pollination. Of music and theatre, of warm and cold, of wood and metal, of doubts and certainty. Of a soft caress and a sure step in the right (or wrong?) direction. Together in search of new sounds, old sounds, new ways of presentation (not interested in representation), of variety, emotion, moments of euphoria and sadness, as life itself. A fertile combination. They look with astonishment at life, but the do not stand still, they lay a road right across hell, or prefer to forget about hell for a moment, and with humour, force and unrestrained energy they dance through life, they surpass it and let themselves be blown down by it… But they will always go on flying, whistling and singing until they ultimately fall down.

The actors/musicians of Canti Vaganti live and work in Madrid where they perform in different companies and bands, sometimes together, usually individually. They both played the leading role in El Secreto from the sensory theatre company Teatro en el Aire, and they created the Intimate Cabaret for the Intimate Theatre Festival at people’s homes. Bruno Gullo played and sang during 2014 and 2014 in the most successful theatre show of Spain The Hole. Before, he had been the lead sanger of the band La Malarazza, and he had been travelling all around Spain with his solos Mambo Italiano and Giullare in crisi mistica and with a duo called El Viaje de los tambores. Van der Maas is stable actress of Teatro en el Aire, sings in the choir of Patio Maravillas and writes songs.

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International Music & Theatre, Founded by Kateleine van der Maas & Bruno Gullo