Always on the road

Always on the road. The minstrel who brought tarantella to the north.

Altijd onderweg fluit

An Italian minstrel (Bruno Gullo) arrives on a square, somewhere in the world. After his short performance, his inner voice (Kateleine van der Maas) enters and asks him what he is doing here and how he got here. The minstrel remembers his youth, his incredible journey full of professions and adventures, how he left the south of Italy as a boy, always heading north: Napoli, Rome, Milano, and …

Creation, direction and acting | Bruno Gullo and Kateleine van der Maas
Costumes | Lisa Bassi
Photography | Wim van Vught
Video | Lynx Ontwerp
Languages | Italian and English (or local language in case it is French, Italian, Dutch or Spanish)
Duration | 70 minutes (flexible. It can be more or less.)
Premiere | 12 April 2011, Kloosterkerk Thesinge (Holland)

Video of Always on the road, Gouden Carolus, Hilvarenbeek (Holland), 5 February 2012:



International Music & Theatre, Founded by Kateleine van der Maas & Bruno Gullo