Always on the road for all ages

DSC_6165 OP WEG MET HET NOORDEN An Italian minstrel (Bruno Gullo) and his inner voice (Kateleine van der Maas) tell about their journey: from the south of Italy until the place of the performance. Everywhere they come they play tarantella, everywhere they come they learn a new melody.

The Italian minstrel and his voice take the kids with them on a trip: they are even invited to play music from all continents with them.

A story full of jokes, Mediterranean energy and first of all: world music!

Creation, direction and acting | Bruno Gullo and Kateleine van der Maas
Costumes | Lisa Bassi
Photography | Wim van Vught
Video | Lynx Ontwerp
Languages | Italian and English (or local language in case it is French, Italian, Dutch or Spanish)
Duration | 30 – 70 minutes (flexible. Depends on the wishes of the client)
Premiere | 4 February 2012, Bibliotheek Bos en Lommer, Amsterdam (Holland)

Altijd onderweg voor jong en oud - Roosendaal 16/07/2014

International Music & Theatre, Founded by Kateleine van der Maas & Bruno Gullo